A new and profitable way of generating funds at an event. Mini Melts is a premium ice cream company able to take the labour out of fundraising.

Minimelts drop off and pick up unsold product and freezers to the event and let you set your own prices, meaning you can control your profit margins.

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FBC has successfully provided New Zealand schools with fundraising initiatives since 1989.

Providing our schools and children with extras takes a lot of effort and time on behalf of parents and staff.

FBC fundraising options take the hard work out of fundraising for your school.


Their product range features an extensive offering of old-fashioned lolly delicacies such as black balls, smokers and granny mints as well as local favourites like jelly beans, fizzies, planes, gummy bears and jelly babies!!


Great tasting lollies without the added artificial colours or additives. Regina Lollies supply some of the best lollies around and are well accustomed to providing lollies for fundraising campaigns no matter how small or large.

Kids love Regina Lollies and there is plenty of profit to be made from each sale.


Kids love lollies, and what better way to raise funds for your school, event, club or party than with the Lolly Shop.

Lolly Shop offer a surprising range of lollies and other confectionery with a range of top brands both locally and imported. A hassle free way of fundraising without using up too much space.


Juices frozen treats make fundraising an absolute breeze on hot summer days. Normally only available in schools, this fundraising campaign allows families and students to order directly from their nearest future foods distributor.

Order forms are provided and competitive batch pricing offered to help you raise as much money as possible for your given cause.


Chocolate and other confectionery brands that people trust. Cadbury and much more are a hit with adults and children alike and make fundraising for your charity, club or organisation pain free.

The House of Fundraising are here to help supply all sorts of products for your fundraising campaign, all with proven and tested track records.


Rainbow Confectionery supply a whole host of different yummy treats and lollies. The perfect fundraiser for those with a sweet tooth and sure to bring in big sales at events, particularly where kids are involved.

Low prices to maximize your gains.


Heavenly Fudge is a New Zealand owned and operated company offering free nationwide delivery on their delicious, top quality, homemade fudge.

Use their widely recognised heavenly fudge brand to help raise funds for your campaign, and work with an experienced brand no stranger to fundraising for local communities.


Cadbury chocolate products from Interworld Fundraising. Use a brand that is adored and recognised worldwide, a brand that sells well and is trusted by everyone.

Raising funds is easy when you satisfy the markets sweet tooth. Interworld offer free delivery and a no fuss return policy for all fundraising purchases.


Snack It is a source for fundraising packages to use in your campaign.

Chocolates, sweets and other confectionery are available at competitive prices so that you can reap a healthy commission on every sale. Snack It have much experience in working with fundraising ventures and their products are proven sellers.


New to the fundraising scene Holy Fudge have some of the most mouthwatering fudge in the world. Holy Fudge might be new, but they have already racked up many fundraising clients and success stories.

Fun to include at your event or just amongst your club, satisfy everyone’s sweet tooth with Holy Fudge.


The standard sweet tooth fundraiser, with a twist!

Trade Aid Fundraising Chocolate creates delicious quality Belgium and organic chocolate – The difference? Trade Aid’s chocolate is only made from fair trade cocoa. Working with Trade Aid is promoting a world of fair trade and saying no to child slave labour.

Care about the environment and equality whilst raising funds for your campaign.


Finns fudge is a deliciously decadent creamy handmade fudge.

Finns is proving to be a very easy to sell fundraiser for Schools, sports clubs or anyone who needs to fundraise with great profits.

Give them a call today on 03 376 4455


Chocolate is the global currency of kindness and joy. Cadbury Chocolates are a well known, trusted and recognised brand – So what better product to sell as a means of fundraising for your charity, school or other project?

Take advantage of a brand everyone loves in your fundraising campaign by hitting their sweet tooth.

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