Raise funds with a 50/50 raffle

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One of the most difficult things about coming up with ideas for fundraising is being able to find prizes for any events that you wish to hold, so if you want to find a great way to raise funds without having to pay for prizes in advance, then a 50/50 raffle is definitely the way to go – as the only thing that you need here are the raffle tickets to sell.

How it works

The idea is that your participants are charged a set amount of money for their raffle tickets, with half of the entry fee being donated to the cause in question, and the other half being placed in the prize pot. This means that no matter how many entrants you have, you always have a prize that is proportionate to the money that you have taken in for your cause.

At the end of the event, you should draw a ticket from all of those that have entered, and the winning number will receive all of the money in the prize pot. If you expect there to be an unusually high number of entries, then you may wish to split the winnings into two prizes – that way, even more people will be happy with the result.

Why a 50/50 raffle is the perfect choice for you

Because you don’t have to put any money into it upfront, this means that a 50/50 raffle doesn’t require any organisation at all. Therefore, you can raise funds for your cause hassle free, and simply sit back and enjoy the benefits of it further down the line.

Not only this, but the fact that the prize is money will appeal to many people, making it one of the most popular fundraising ideas. With a 50/50 raffle you are sure to raise plenty!

*Be sure to check the rules and regulations about running a raffle


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