Children’s Items Resale

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If you are looking for a fundraising idea that is sure to be a success, then you should consider a child and baby items resale. Kids outgrow their clothes at a phenomenal rate, and with parents looking for ways to clear space, you can step in and make some money for your charity. Here’s how

How It Works

Encourage as many parents as possible to sell their old kids items at your event, making sure they know this is a charity function, but one that will help them too. The sellers are either charged a fee for the selling space in your venue or asked to give a percentage of their takings back to the charity in return for turning a profit.


You should ask everybody who comes to the event to pay a nominal entry fee to bolster the profits, and organise food and drink for sellers and buyers alike. Other extras, like a raffle or guess the weight competition, are easy to organise, and can only add to your takings


Choose a venue that has plenty of space for vendor tables, is big enough for items such as cribs and prams, and has space to sell food and drinks. Somewhere like a church hall is perfect as it will mean that there should be tables available, and you will also have access to people who may have ideas for fundraising that you would not have thought about.  


If you want as many people to come as possible, make sure you print some flyers, advertise the event in a local paper, or even announce it on local radio. You want as many people buying and selling as possible; so get the word out.

This kind of event will continue to raise funds for your cause year after year. After all, as we know, kids don’t stop growing

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