A Singles Fundraising Auction

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It’s not always easy to come up with fundraising ideas that are simple, fun, and effective, but holding a singles auction is one method that covers all of the bases; and here’s a rough guide about how to approach one


A small hall or bar are ideal choices for your auction, but consider alternatives such as an outside event during the summer too. Wherever you choose, make sure you provide refreshments during the event to generate a little extra cash, and make sure you have an auctioneer who will bring enthusiasm and a bit of fun to the proceedings as well.


Finding willing “lots” should not cause too much of a problem, especially as everybody knows this is just an amusing way to raise money. However, to maximise attendance and participants, ask everybody to invite at least one friend or family member.


If you want to make sure that everybody has a fun “date”, make everybody complete a mini-bio that is available before the event, and include a few off the wall questions that will raise a giggle or two. This will help people choose who to bid on with at least a chance of a good time.

The Date

The couple would generally be asked to organise their own dates, but contact local restaurants, theatres, and entertainment centres, to see if they will give a free night out in exchange for the exposure they would receive. This is also a great way to generate higher bids, as they can be given as prizes to the highest bids of the day.

The Perfect Date

To make this a truly successful idea for your fundraising, you should try to get some local celebrities to offer themselves for auction as this will guarantee extra interest in the event. You could even include one of the free nights out to create the perfect date for one lucky bidder.

Not all dates will be perfect, but that doesn’t mean this isn’t the perfect way to make some money for a worthy cause.

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