Raise money by flipping a coin!

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When you’re trying to raise funds for your organisation, it is important that you make it as fun as possible. The great news is that the only thing that you need in order to be able to do this is a coin. Heads or tails is a great game, and can be a lot of fun to play.

You can play this game at any event where you have a number of people sitting down – making it a great idea for fundraising –  and it is great to add a bit of energy to the room after speeches or before the main event of the evening.

How the game works:

Participants pay to enter, and everybody who is taking part is asked to stand up. They must choose either heads or tails – placing their hands on their head if they choose heads, and on their bottoms if they choose tails. This can be a great moment for children, as hilarity often ensues!

The person leading the game will then flip a coin, and all of the people who chose the option that the coin lands on are out of the game and must then sit down. Gradually, there will be fewer people still standing, and eventually there will be few enough to invite the remaining participants to the front of the room so that everybody can see.

This is a great game, as it usually only takes a few minutes to play, and it can add a little bit of fun to an event. The best fundraising ideas are always the most simple!

It is a fantastic way to bring in a little more money for the event that you’re running, so make the most of the opportunity. Your guests are sure to have a great time!  

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