Food and Beverage Fundraiser

Life on earth would be pretty dull without food and water, and you can take advantage of that by offering your supporters a wide range of food and beverages for your next fundraiser.

Fundraising with food and drink is a common and successful means of raising funds. Look for a supplier that offers a good return on your time and effort and is flexible with returns.


Boost health awareness at your school, club or other non profit organisation and help to raise funds for your cause with Annies Food You Trust – A company dedicated to supplying natural fruit products as a healthy alternative to sweets and other common fundraising ideas.

Competitively priced and experienced to help you manage your campaign and raise as much money as possible.


Aquafern Bottled Water help you raise money for your fundraiser by supplying your customers with healthy and cleanly sourced water. At just $2 per bottle, each sale would generate 80c towards your fundraising campaign.

Custom designed labels can be added from as little as 5c per bottle, still leaving a healthy margin for you to gain from.


Burrows Jam, well known throughout New Zealand are a collection of home-style jams, sauces, honeys, cordials, coffee products and so much more.

Now available to be used in any fundraiser large or small with generous profits to be made on every sale.


Chocolate is the global currency of kindness and joy. Cadbury Chocolates are a well known, trusted and recognised brand – So what better product to sell as a means of fundraising for your charity, school or other project?

Take advantage of a brand everyone loves in your fundraising campaign by hitting their sweet tooth.


Candy Floss Supplies provide event freshly made candy floss, created in front of the children it’s too sweet of a deal for them to not buy. With a percentage of every sale contributing towards your fundraising campaign this is a quick and hassle free way of raising the funds.


Chill Out Candy Floss come to your event, school or club and make candy floss in front of the children. Watching candy floss being made is fascinating, and adds a new level of excitement to events.

Chill Out Candy Floss give out 20% of takings to non profit organisations and are a popular hit with both small children and young adults.


Cleanskin wines is a set up supplying unbranded wine directly from major wineries across New Zealand – Typically extra stock from over-production.

These savings are passed on to customers, and makes selling wine as a fundraiser very easy. They are also able to help market the wine by designing your very own label and brand for the product.

Considering most households in New Zealand consume an estimated 1 bottle of wine per week, there has never been a better time to capitalize with this fundraiser.


One of the most loved consumer brands in New Zealand, it’s cookie time!

Everyone loves cookies, so when the chance comes to make some money with a major brand like Cookie Time, jump on-board.

With special cookie fundraising batches, an average profit of 42%  can be made on each cookie. Sell them anywhere and everywhere with ease.



Healthy, pure New Zealand spring water labelled with your brand, logo, or any custom design you like. Perfect for sports clubs, schools, fund-raising, benefits, charity events and much more.

Custom branded drinks are unique and provide a positive, cost-effective and affordable fund-rasing opportunity for your organisation. We can personalise your choice of our bottles with a graphic design that you provide, or you can download our templates and create your own design.


All produced in New Zealand, Dr Bugs tasty snacks are the ultimate fundraiser for a movie night or other small event.

Product range includes microwaveable popcorn, candyfloss and ready-to-eat popcorn bags. Those looking to raise money for a cause can even secure a 10% discount on orders above $100.


Easy Order Food 4 Fundraising ships products directly to your door freight-free across New Zealand, so that you can get started selling as soon as possible.

With an average 42% profit on each sale, Easy Order offer a fair range of tasty treats and easy to sell snacks to aid your fundraising efforts.

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FBC has successfully provided New Zealand schools with fundraising initiatives since 1989.

Providing our schools and children with extras takes a lot of effort and time on behalf of parents and staff.

FBC fundraising options take the hard work out of fundraising for your school.


Finns fudge is a deliciously decadent creamy handmade fudge.

Finns is proving to be a very easy to sell fundraiser for Schools, sports clubs or anyone who needs to fundraise with great profits.

Give them a call today on 03 376 4455


Their product range features an extensive offering of old-fashioned lolly delicacies such as black balls, smokers and granny mints as well as local favourites like jelly beans, fizzies, planes, gummy bears and jelly babies!!


Juices frozen treats make fundraising an absolute breeze on hot summer days. Normally only available in schools, this fundraising campaign allows families and students to order directly from their nearest future foods distributor.

Order forms are provided and competitive batch pricing offered to help you raise as much money as possible for your given cause.


Ginger The Bear’s, Ginger Beer Brewing Kit.

A fun project kit to make your own Ginger Beer – All you need is 20 minutes, a few bottles and some spare sugar.

The kit contains all the ingredients you need to get started as well as a funky project booklet that has Ginger the Bear guiding you through each step.


Heavenly Fudge is a New Zealand owned and operated company offering free nationwide delivery on their delicious, top quality, homemade fudge.

Use their widely recognised heavenly fudge brand to help raise funds for your campaign, and work with an experienced brand no stranger to fundraising for local communities.


New to the fundraising scene Holy Fudge have some of the most mouthwatering fudge in the world. Holy Fudge might be new, but they have already racked up many fundraising clients and success stories.

Fun to include at your event or just amongst your club, satisfy everyone’s sweet tooth with Holy Fudge.


Cadbury chocolate products from Interworld Fundraising. Use a brand that is adored and recognised worldwide, a brand that sells well and is trusted by everyone.

Raising funds is easy when you satisfy the markets sweet tooth. Interworld offer free delivery and a no fuss return policy for all fundraising purchases.


Kids love lollies, and what better way to raise funds for your school, event, club or party than with the Lolly Shop.

Lolly Shop offer a surprising range of lollies and other confectionery with a range of top brands both locally and imported. A hassle free way of fundraising without using up too much space.


A new and profitable way of generating funds at an event. Mini Melts is a premium ice cream company able to take the labour out of fundraising.

Minimelts drop off and pick up unsold product and freezers to the event and let you set your own prices, meaning you can control your profit margins.


Vintage Wine Tours Nelson offers a range of wine tours around Nelson for small parties of up to five people. Take in a selection of wines with lunch at one of Nelson’s favorite winery restaurants take a picnic to enjoy the stunning scenery.


Oxford Pies are a well established family pie business, producing some of the best meat and fruit pies around.

So why not take advantage of there popular family recipes by selling their pies as a means of raising funds for your campaign?

Oxford Pies have previous experience in fundraising and helped one campaign make an extra $4,500


Pasta Vera provide restaurant grade home-cooked meals and food, largely specialising around fresh pasta.

Prepared locally in New Zealand, Pasta Vera create ready-meals to take the effort out of cooking at home.

With new fundraising schemes in place, clubs and charities can earn up to 20% of all products sold. Pasta Vera set up your own webpage to promote to family and friends, and provide order forms for manual purchases.


Rainbow Confectionery supply a whole host of different yummy treats and lollies. The perfect fundraiser for those with a sweet tooth and sure to bring in big sales at events, particularly where kids are involved.

Low prices to maximize your gains.


Great tasting lollies without the added artificial colours or additives. Regina Lollies supply some of the best lollies around and are well accustomed to providing lollies for fundraising campaigns no matter how small or large.

Kids love Regina Lollies and there is plenty of profit to be made from each sale.


Signature Wines lets you promote your brand through your fundraising campaign. With label design and printing you can include your company logo, organisation motto or maybe just a simple charitable message.

Signature wines take care of everything, from design to packaging and delivery. They even create order forms for you to hand out to members in a bid to help you raise more funds.


Sileni Wines are renowned for their competitive prices and experience in working with fundraising events.

From sports teams to charities and kindergartens, Sileni Estates guarantee a return of $40 for every case of wine sold through your fundraising event.

With average profits of $5,000 from each campaign, this is certainly one that should be near the top of your list.


Snack It is a source for fundraising packages to use in your campaign.

Chocolates, sweets and other confectionery are available at competitive prices so that you can reap a healthy commission on every sale. Snack It have much experience in working with fundraising ventures and their products are proven sellers.


Chocolate and other confectionery brands that people trust. Cadbury and much more are a hit with adults and children alike and make fundraising for your charity, club or organisation pain free.

The House of Fundraising are here to help supply all sorts of products for your fundraising campaign, all with proven and tested track records.


The village press has a lovely selection of olive oils which have now been incorporated into a fundraising package, suitable for selling to friends & family and at local community events.

There are no upfront fees to worry about and this selection of oils provides a much healthier gift compared to many alternative fundraising ideas. Give the community a taster of locally pressed olive oil.


The standard sweet tooth fundraiser, with a twist!

Trade Aid Fundraising Chocolate creates delicious quality Belgium and organic chocolate – The difference? Trade Aid’s chocolate is only made from fair trade cocoa. Working with Trade Aid is promoting a world of fair trade and saying no to child slave labour.

Care about the environment and equality whilst raising funds for your campaign.


Waimak Bottled Water provide custom branded water for you to sell as a means of fundraising. Using your design bottled water can be sold and distributed at events and meetings alike.

Organising a sports event? Bottled water sells like hot sauce and can help fundraisers gather the capital they need in a short period of time.


WhipaSnacka create smart foods for smart kids. With a wide range of tasty and healthy treats partnering with WhipaSnacka is a great way to generate funds for your school.

WhipaSnacka provide many healthier alternatives to sugar filled treats, such as fruit strips, granola bars and popcorn.

And what’s more… There are no upfront costs!



If you have a community event coming up, this might be the ideal fundraiser for you. Wine Sale work with you to establish a wine-tasting hut, complete with a vast range of exciting and unique wines.

Any bottles sold at the event, will earn you a nice commission for your organisation. As a bonus to raising funds, this also brings a bit more fun to your event.

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