Hosting a night event such as a school disco?

Glo Wild provide a vast range of LED products and novelties to light up the dance floor. With huge profits to be made for your school, charity or other non-profit organization on each and every sale.


No school disco or night time event is truly complete unless it has glow sticks. Glowsticks Ltd provide cheap glow sticks for your fundraising event, with a massive 500% profit to be made on each sale.

Completely risk free and highly profitable amongst teenagers and juniors.


Glow-sticks, LED finger lights, Squishy Flashing Star necklaces, finger rings – Mish provide fun products for your school or club fundraising event. Evening events such as a school disco will be lit up with luminescent colour, making it more fun and helping you to raise the funds your school needs.

Mish can also provide fundraising products for daytime events, such as blow up hammers, swords and animals.

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