Looking for something a little more unique than the standard club photo?

Photo Wonder provide a large range of photography services, but can also create custom photos for the likes of sports players that are a little more unique than your standard portrait.

A commission sales period is then set up to help you raise funds for the school or club.


Any school looking to raise funds should consider the age-old practice of school photos. Everyone wants to keep memories of their childhood days, and by taking class and individual photos they can purchase the ones they want to keep.

Pacific Portraits have years of experience in the field, having worked with many schools on supplying student portraits and helping to fundraise for the school.


Photo Life is proudly Kiwi owned and operated. Providing photography, class photos and individual portraits – Photo Life allows schools to generate funds quickly and effectively.

Photo’s often hold good memories with them, and so marketing for clubs and schools becomes largely negligible as the photos sell themselves.


Call us, i.e. Maria Buhrkuhl Photography Ltd for an exclusive and full of life family photography service. We understand how family life matters in this fast-pacing busy life and what it feels like sitting together and giggling with kids and relatives. Such moments need to be clicked and captured forever. But, the predicament is all-self-acclaimed photographers could not really work on that. For this specific photography, you need an ace family photographer, who skillfully delivers exclusive family portraits in Christchurch.

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