Things you can sell to make money

Fundraising with product sales is and tried and true method to raise funds. The key is to ensure that there will be enough demand for the product that you want to sell as well as either flexible returns policy with your provider or a well thought out plan on how to liquidate unsold product.


A fun community idea or school project, Art on a Plate turn designs into practical, useful and stunning melamine plates. Get children to be creative.

A unique idea with tonnes of potential to raise money for your fundraising campaign. A colourful reminder your students can keep with them for the rest of their lives.


No school disco or night time event is truly complete unless it has glow sticks. Glowsticks Ltd provide cheap glow sticks for your fundraising event, with a massive 500% profit to be made on each sale.

Completely risk free and highly profitable amongst teenagers and juniors.


Kaboodle Bags offer a colourful, unique and full range of practical bags that make it easy and fun for kids to organize their gear.

Kaboodle Bags stock swim bags as well dance bags, toilet bags, hair stuff bags and add in custom name tags, to prevent children from losing their property.

A unique and powerful fundraising possibility.



Tea towels are a common household item, everyone needs at least one at the ready. So why not take advantage of this, and use it as a fun way of raising funds for your project!?

With varying materials, colours and your very own custom printed design, you can spread your message and build capital at the same time. Tea towels last a long time – and so will your message.

The feel good way to raise funds for your school. Smart Art offers beautifully designed fun educational posters that both kids and parents love! With generous margins paid to schools or charities – here’s a way schools can achieve two goals at once, help your child and your school!


Glow-sticks, LED finger lights, Squishy Flashing Star necklaces, finger rings – Mish provide fun products for your school or club fundraising event. Evening events such as a school disco will be lit up with luminescent colour, making it more fun and helping you to raise the funds your school needs.

Mish can also provide fundraising products for daytime events, such as blow up hammers, swords and animals.


Hosting a night event such as a school disco?

Glo Wild provide a vast range of LED products and novelties to light up the dance floor. With huge profits to be made for your school, charity or other non-profit organization on each and every sale.


A fun community project for any club, school or organisation to take part in. A unique fundraiser which lasts a lifetime. Steiner Ceramics allows everyone to create there own tile or two to contribute to an overall masterpiece, which will stand the test of time and be remembered.

Create great memories with this fun fundraising idea and turn that blank wall into something more fun.



Childrens artwork is a sure seller to proud parents, so incorporating this into a practical high quality calendar or card is the perfect fundraiser for your school or club.

A unique idea praised by many educators and parents alike, organisers stand to make a fair profit for their fundraising efforts.


Abacus Fundraising supply unique high quality calendars, greetings cards, diaries and many other products.

Fun, affordable and proven over many years, Abacus have more than 20 years of fundraising experience in helping schools and other organisations generate the cash they need.


Targeted largely at schools, Little Turtle New Zealand manufacture merino thermal tops as a fundraising product for children.

With quality assurance, free delivery and garment samples provided schools get to retain up to 10% of all sales made through the fundraising effort.


Hand out a Big Pirana brochure at your school, club or local event. Complete with a wide range of bags and accessories that appeal to children, every sale generated through the brochure earns a healthy commission for a fundraising campaign.

Most products come with an additional rubber name tag, which can easily be attached to any property.


A fun, simple and educational look at table mats. Chat mats design and sell a wide range of table mats complete with educational information and diverse images to capture both adults and children imagination.

For each fundraising campaign, and average of $10 is claimed for every 5 mats sold.


Ya Ya Design produce ecofriendly Re-useable Sandwich and Snack Bags. They also offer a great selection of cotton designs on the outside and a nylon lining on the inside. Easy for preschoolers to open and fit in their lunch box without wasting gladwrap or plastic bags.

Ya Ya Design make life that much easier for children and their parents, a unique and fun fundraising opportunity for schools.


Stuck On You is an innovative new fundraising scheme targeted at schools and more specifically, young children. With custom name printed lunchboxes, name tags, stationary and much more, your many days of searching through the lost property box for jimmy’s trousers are a thing of the past!


Road safety is an incredibly important part of life for children growing up today. Road Works understand this, and help many school fundraisers by offering high visibility rainwear for children which will keep them dry, visible and most importantly safe.

A unique fundraising idea and a great safety initiative.


A lucrative, fun and easy fundraiser. Little Gem Cookbooks provide professionally designed and customised cookbooks for your school.

Students get there own cookbook, complete with photos and instructions of their own exploits. Little Gem Cookbooks present a unique fundraising campaign with great potential.


No risk, no commitment. Jack n Jill Affordable family portraits have many years experience providing high quality, professional family photos and portraits.

With many products available from each photo shoot, organisers stand to make a healthy contribution towards their fundraising efforts.

A fun and rewarding experience for all.


No upfront investment required. The sock lady sends you a freight load of socks, for any that you sell, you get to keep 20% towards your fundraising campaign.

This is risk free and performs well at the likes of large events and meet ups.



As we get older our bones get more fragile and our muscles get weaker. This can cause many problems later on in life and so protecting your children is incredibly important.

The TOTEM school bag range is designed to provide effective back support and utilise orthopaedic and ergonomic features.

Selling these bags as a form of fundraising is a great idea, encouraging proper back support whilst raising money for your school.

TOTEM has developed school bags for over a decade to give your child the best form of back protection throughout their school years.


Stunning ceramic tiles created and designed by your students, Naturally Gifted turn artwork into gorgeous ceramic tiles ideal for coasters or hanging on walls as a collection.

Whether they take them home or they become a feature on a board at the school, brighten up everyone’s day with a reminder of a fun day of art and creation every time they walk past it.

A unique, fun and simple way to raise funds quickly for a school or group. Fundraising doesn’t have to be boring!


School bags are hot sellers, particularly between terms. These Kiwi made school bags are high quality, popular and trendy. Built to last by people that care and a company that wants to help schools, each sale made earns the school a nice commission of $5.


Hyndman Publishing offer a widely popular range of books and stationary to help you raise funds with such little effort.

Cheap pricing and quality products make selling much easier for you and ensure a great return for your fundraising campaign.


Oi U Got 1? is a unique and fun company producing high visibility sports caps for a whole range of backgrounds including ski biscuit, runners, water skiing and children scootering to and from school.

An excellent safety initiative which is both popular and trendy, and perfect for helping raise the funds you need.

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