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Raise money by flipping a coin!

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When you’re trying to raise funds for your organisation, it is important that you make it as fun as possible. The great news is that the only thing that you need in order to be able to do this is a coin. Heads or tails is a great game, and can be a lot of fun to play.

You can play this game at any event where you have a number of people sitting down – making it a great idea for fundraising –  and it is great to add a bit of energy to the room after speeches or before the main event of the evening.

How the game works:

Participants pay to enter, and everybody who is taking part is asked to stand up. They must choose either heads or tails – placing their hands on their head if they choose heads, and on their bottoms if they choose tails. This can be a great moment for children, as hilarity often ensues!

The person leading the game will then flip a coin, and all of the people who chose the option that the coin lands on are out of the game and must then sit down. Gradually, there will be fewer people still standing, and eventually there will be few enough to invite the remaining participants to the front of the room so that everybody can see.

This is a great game, as it usually only takes a few minutes to play, and it can add a little bit of fun to an event. The best fundraising ideas are always the most simple!

It is a fantastic way to bring in a little more money for the event that you’re running, so make the most of the opportunity. Your guests are sure to have a great time!  

Raise money with potatoes!

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When you’re trying to come up with brand new and fresh fundraising ideas, it can be incredibly difficult to think about what you can do that hasn’t been done a thousand times before. The great news is that some very simple ideas can be the most effective – for example an all you can eat potato bar at your next event.

There are many types of foods that are popular at fundraising events, and potatoes just bring that quirky edge that isn’t normally seen. Whereas at most events, the food will be brought to the guests at the tables where they’re sitting, this gives them the chance to choose their own meals and have control over exactly what they have to eat.

How it’s done

The only things that you really need in order to put this plan into action are lots of potatoes, and as many different fillings as you can get your hands on. There are, of course, a lot of things that are popular with baked potatoes, including cheese, beans and even tuna, however it can be great to choose some other things to give your guests a choice, including bright items like peppers and other vegetables. You should make sure that there are plenty of vegetarian options.

By charging a small amount for a “pass” to the potato bar, you are certain to raise a profit – because your guests will pay for the knowledge that they can eat as many potatoes as they like, but they probably won’t actually eat any more than one or two.

As fundraising ideas go, this one is a little different, and as a result of this it is a great way to be able to earn money for your cause.

Raise funds with a 50/50 raffle

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One of the most difficult things about coming up with ideas for fundraising is being able to find prizes for any events that you wish to hold, so if you want to find a great way to raise funds without having to pay for prizes in advance, then a 50/50 raffle is definitely the way to go – as the only thing that you need here are the raffle tickets to sell.

How it works

The idea is that your participants are charged a set amount of money for their raffle tickets, with half of the entry fee being donated to the cause in question, and the other half being placed in the prize pot. This means that no matter how many entrants you have, you always have a prize that is proportionate to the money that you have taken in for your cause.

At the end of the event, you should draw a ticket from all of those that have entered, and the winning number will receive all of the money in the prize pot. If you expect there to be an unusually high number of entries, then you may wish to split the winnings into two prizes – that way, even more people will be happy with the result.

Why a 50/50 raffle is the perfect choice for you

Because you don’t have to put any money into it upfront, this means that a 50/50 raffle doesn’t require any organisation at all. Therefore, you can raise funds for your cause hassle free, and simply sit back and enjoy the benefits of it further down the line.

Not only this, but the fact that the prize is money will appeal to many people, making it one of the most popular fundraising ideas. With a 50/50 raffle you are sure to raise plenty!

*Be sure to check the rules and regulations about running a raffle


Become a Checkout Helper

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If you are running out of fundraising ideas, why not try organizing some checkout helpers to raise some money for your cause? It’s a great way to help in the community while swelling the coffers of those in need.

The first thing you need to do is find a suitable venue for fundraising, but that should be simple enough. Shops and supermarkets like to be seen helping local causes, so take a trip to your local mall or high street, and canvas a few prospects.

The next thing you need to do is to make sure you are not paying for damaged goods, so go over good packing practices; after all not all of us go shopping every week. Little tips, such as putting unbreakable goods at the bottom of a bag and delicate items on the top, should help avoid any damage; so make sure that experienced shoppers pass on good practices to any inexperienced packers before the big day.

Obviously, you want people to donate some cash, so make sure there are plenty of smiles and light hearted banter to accompany your  bagging. A happy shopper is far more likely to give a donation than one who has been kept waiting while a grumpy bagger does his or her work.

It is vital to make people aware of your cause, and you can do this by handing out leaflets, putting a sign in the window, or placing a sandwich board outside; and don’t forget a sticker on the cash bin you have in place for those all-important donations and a name tag to make the service a bit more personal.

Finally, anybody who may be vulnerable (especially the young) will need to have a helper on hand themselves; so make sure that you organize somebody to stay with them.

Children’s Items Resale

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If you are looking for a fundraising idea that is sure to be a success, then you should consider a child and baby items resale. Kids outgrow their clothes at a phenomenal rate, and with parents looking for ways to clear space, you can step in and make some money for your charity. Here’s how

How It Works

Encourage as many parents as possible to sell their old kids items at your event, making sure they know this is a charity function, but one that will help them too. The sellers are either charged a fee for the selling space in your venue or asked to give a percentage of their takings back to the charity in return for turning a profit.


You should ask everybody who comes to the event to pay a nominal entry fee to bolster the profits, and organise food and drink for sellers and buyers alike. Other extras, like a raffle or guess the weight competition, are easy to organise, and can only add to your takings


Choose a venue that has plenty of space for vendor tables, is big enough for items such as cribs and prams, and has space to sell food and drinks. Somewhere like a church hall is perfect as it will mean that there should be tables available, and you will also have access to people who may have ideas for fundraising that you would not have thought about.  


If you want as many people to come as possible, make sure you print some flyers, advertise the event in a local paper, or even announce it on local radio. You want as many people buying and selling as possible; so get the word out.

This kind of event will continue to raise funds for your cause year after year. After all, as we know, kids don’t stop growing

A Singles Fundraising Auction

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It’s not always easy to come up with fundraising ideas that are simple, fun, and effective, but holding a singles auction is one method that covers all of the bases; and here’s a rough guide about how to approach one


A small hall or bar are ideal choices for your auction, but consider alternatives such as an outside event during the summer too. Wherever you choose, make sure you provide refreshments during the event to generate a little extra cash, and make sure you have an auctioneer who will bring enthusiasm and a bit of fun to the proceedings as well.


Finding willing “lots” should not cause too much of a problem, especially as everybody knows this is just an amusing way to raise money. However, to maximise attendance and participants, ask everybody to invite at least one friend or family member.


If you want to make sure that everybody has a fun “date”, make everybody complete a mini-bio that is available before the event, and include a few off the wall questions that will raise a giggle or two. This will help people choose who to bid on with at least a chance of a good time.

The Date

The couple would generally be asked to organise their own dates, but contact local restaurants, theatres, and entertainment centres, to see if they will give a free night out in exchange for the exposure they would receive. This is also a great way to generate higher bids, as they can be given as prizes to the highest bids of the day.

The Perfect Date

To make this a truly successful idea for your fundraising, you should try to get some local celebrities to offer themselves for auction as this will guarantee extra interest in the event. You could even include one of the free nights out to create the perfect date for one lucky bidder.

Not all dates will be perfect, but that doesn’t mean this isn’t the perfect way to make some money for a worthy cause.

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